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Prosecute ponzi schemers,  victims demand 


Victims of Comsave and Omo ponzi schemes have demanded that the state should prosecute  directors of the two schemes for allegedly swindling them out of  their hard earned money. 

Recently, DEC announced that it had decided to prosecute the Directors of both Ono Savings and Credit Association and Comsave Credit Union for offences for which they were initially charged and arrested for.

This was after the State entered into an ex-curia agreement with the directors, in which it was agreed that they would refund the investors, but by the deadline of September 30, 2021 for Ono and 31st December 2021 for Comsave, they had not refunded the victims.

Speaking on behalf of others, William Mweemba said  in an interview, his group has lost patience and wants to see the people who allegedly  swindled them out of so much money, to be brought to book. 

He said they have hope that after the court process is concluded and the directors of the two schemes are found wanting, the court would then be able to order that the properties acquired by Ono and Comsave, be sold to recover their money. 

He said despite DEC promising the affected victims of a quick conclusion of the issue, the Commission has been very slow in acting, which has left many guessing on what was happening behind the scenes. 

Mr Mweemba also warned that the affected victims will not allow a situation where their efforts to recover their monies is frustrated through prolonged processes when the directors of the two involved schemes already accepted wrong doing through the plea agreement they signed with DEC. 

“Our eyes are open and we will therefore not allow any underhand method to frustrate our efforts to recover our hard earned monies which was taken from us,” he said.

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