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THE Patriotic Front (PF) will remain relevant to the development of the country through elected Members of Parliament (MP), Mayors and councilors, Kitwe Mayor-elect Mpasa Mwaya has said.

Ms Mwaya, who served as Itimpi ward councilor before she was elected Kitwe Mayor, said PF representatives must put behind the loss and concentrate on fulfilling campaign promises.

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday, she said the people of Zambia had made their decision to change the government and so their decisions must be respected. “Zambia is a democracy and if people decide to change government, then it is their choice and it must be respected. The good thing is that some of the PF MPs were retained, others were elected for the first time.

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“So, the retained, the newly elected MPs, Mayors and councilors must concentrate on fulfilling campaign promises and prove that despite going into the opposition, we will remain relevant to the development of this country through mature, objective politics and delivering development,” Ms Mwaya said

Ms Mwaya said her election as Kitwe Mayor would bring knowledge and experience about the running of the local authority, especially that she had served as Itimpi ward councilor diligently.

She said the most important aspect was to develop a cordial and sound relationship with the management and employees of the council so that the vision of developing the city was effectively implemented

“I believe the most important thing wherever you are working is a cordial relationship and understanding on various issues affecting the institution.

“This is why as former councilor who understands the operations of the council and it’s challenges, I will work together with the management and employees of the council to improve service delivery,” she said.

She said time for campaigns was over and the next phase now was for each of the elected candidate to prove that they could deliver development.

“We promised people a lot of things during our campaigns and so we should get down to work to see how best we can serve them.  Each one of us made campaign promises and so let us fulfill campaign promises,” she added.

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