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SIX teacher unions have agreed to amalgamate to form one strong teachers’ union.

Spokesperson for the six teacher unions on amalgamation Kangwa Musenge says the six teacher  unions include Professional Teachers Union of Zambia (PROTUZ), Basic Education Teacher’s Union of Zambia (BETUZ), Zambia National Union of Zambia(ZNUT), Secondary Teacher’s Union of Zambia (SESTUZ).

Others are National Union for Public and Public Operators (NUPPEZ) and National Union of Zambia (UNITAZ).

“The process of amalgamation of six teacher unions is underway and significant progress has been made,” he said.

Mr Musenge said the process was being handled carefully and will be concluded in due course.

Mr Musenge said all the stakeholders in the matter have agreed on the road to amalgamated.

He said the drafting of the constitution for the amalgamated unions has since been concluded.

“The   process is being handled carefully and we have reached a very advanced stage. All the stakeholders in this matter are agreeing to the roadmap on the conclusion of this process,” Mr Musenge said.

Mr Musenge said the amalgamation of teacher unions will enhance representation of teachers.

He said this will strengthen eachers’ voices in advocating for various issues including increased budgetary allocation to the Ministry of Education.

“This amalgamation will give the teachers a strong voice to bargain and advocate for various issues that affect them and the Ministry of Education in general,” Mr Musenge said.

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