Dear Editor

GOOD day my beloved friends and family.  I have decided to report a number of facebookers for cyberbullying and hate speech.

These are Nambuwa Namuchana, Mwami West, Edward Chansa, Prosper Kasitu, Niko Victor and Daimon Chikwama.

Normally, my Admins and I normally block people with the worst kinds of abuse, insults and hate speech. But it’s high time that people learnt that going on someone’s page to go and insult them is a crime in this country.

How many people will we block if people are not taught that this a crime that should not be committed?

You hated cadres on the streets but you have brought a very dangerous culture of online cadres who want to curtail freedom of speech in our country.

If what I post is useless or trash to you, you are free to ignore my posts or unlike my page, not coming to my page to insult me for a political opinion that I constitutionally have the right to and sorry to say this, even the academic and political right to express.

I have been advised to write formally to the IG and I am doing so and these names I have mentioned will all be reported. Check in the comment box and see if this is the country we want to build?

Enough is enough, cyberbullying and hate speech are a crime and it’s high time some of you became examples of others of what not to write on social media.

Being a public figure or politician does not give you the right to insult me day in and day out, I am a mother, a woman and most importantly a Zambian.

I have my rights like you all citizens and being insulted for my democratic right to speak has become too much and I won’t allow that anymore.

We need to create a good and safe space to talk politics even online, not what we see in this country.

We are working with ZICTA and ZP and even if your Facebook name is fake you shall be found and prosecuted


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