There was a time where Cardi B would chime in with her own thoughts whenever something political went down such as her interview with Bernie Sanders for the 2020 presidential race. But lately, The Bronx superstar has kept her political takes to herself and fans are starting to catch on to her absence.

On Thursday (October 14), a fan of Cardi B went out their way to ask the Invasion of Privacy rapper what happened to all her interesting political opinions. Cardi caught wind of the tweet and basically told the fan she couldn’t take the bullying from both sides anymore.

“I was tired of getting bullied by the republicans and also getting bashed by the same people I was standing up for,” Cardi B said alongside a retweet of the fan’s original post.

Another fan decided to give Cardi a sour explanation behind the double-sided backlash she received for her political takes. According to the fan, Cardi’s “slow” conversation skills almost derailed everything for politicians.

Cardi wasted no time clapping back at the bitter fan saying, “It was the only way YOU would of understand me.”

TheShadeRoom shared the moment on their Instagram page and their comment section was filled with people who supported Cardi B. T.I. and activist Tamika Mallory sided with the “Rumors” rapper, feeling that she has a point with all the backlash that comes from speaking your mind.

“Agreed,” T.I. wrote while Tamika Mallory said, “Sadly I understand and sometimes I feel the same.”

After siding with Bernie Sanders in 2016, Cardi B was dragged by conservative speakers such as Tomi Lahren and Candance Owens who targeted her music and live performances. Cardi did have some help on her side too such as her AP History teacher who vouched for Cardi’s stance on politics in 2019 saying her high school test scores show she knows what she’s talking about.

Even though she’s taken a seat in regards to speaking on politics, Cardi B is making sure she does her part to help aid the causes she believes in. Earlier this week, Cardi B officiated a same-sex wedding in the latest episode of her Facebook Messenger series, Cardi Tries.

The multi-platinum rapper joined actress Raven-Symoné, at the California ceremony just in time for National Coming Out Day. A clip circulated online showed Cardi B surprising the wedding attendees and one of the brides, who immediately screams the moment she sees her.

“You are probably wondering why I’m here,” Cardi B begins. “I’m going to get these two beautiful ladies married. Not only is it a special day for you guys, but it’s a special day for me. I want to thank you guys for making me a part of your beautiful journey.”



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