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ATTACKS on former president Edgar Lungu by President Hakainde Hichilema during the press conference on Thursday were unnecessary because that was not a political rally but an interaction with the media, New Congress Party leader Peter Chanda has said.

Mr Chanda said Mr Lungu deserved to be respected for having facilitated a smooth transfer and handover of the instruments of power to Mr Hichilema as  7th republican President.

He told the Daily Nation in an interview that despite his flaws as a human being, Mr Lungu had done great works during his reign as Head of State and scandalizing him by his predecessor was unfair.

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He was reacting to remarks by President Hichilema that Zambians should be careful when electing presidents in future because of the illegal activities he had discovered upper Mr Lungu’s administration were not only shocking but disgusting.

Mr Chanda said President Hichilema should concentrate on building the nation and delivering on his campaign promises than attacking a person who could not respond to him.

He reiterated that his Ministry would work with professional bodies such as the Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) to ensure that the cost of construction is reduced in the country.

The Minister said presently, the country was servicing a huge debt mainly because of the inflated cost of construction of public infrastructure projects such as roads and other buildings.

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