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Dear Editor,

I REALLY find this line of argument very unsound. It’s unfortunate that Journalists easily get picked on for being “half baked” and all.

In all fairness, colleagues that asked questions at Thursday’s State House press conference accounted for themselves very well and the President answered all the questions clearly.

I feel media in Zambia gets unfair attacks, if we are going to use the same yardstick to judge lawyers and how shallow some of their arguments in court can be and how they have failed to even help the country agree on a “normal” constitution or how unfortunate that most Zambian engineers can’t even innovate or how many innocent patients have died on the doctor’s table for misdiagnosis and negligence, I believe there would be a lot of culprits.

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Like all other professions in Zambia, there is plenty of room to improve but there are so many things we can celebrate about our media.

The journalists in Zambia work hard under very difficult conditions and I think the bashing they receive does little to help them grow.


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