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A NATIONAL teacher’s organisation calling itself National Teacher Revolutionary Movement has condemned the move by the seven teachersunions of allegedly intimidating teachers over their decision to ditch the unions.

In an interview, National Teacher Revolutionary Movement, leader, Steward Bwembya alleged that the seven unions wrote a letter to all District Education Secretaries (DEBS) and Provincial Education Officers (PEOs) urging them not to recognise the movement.

Mr. Bwembya described the move by the unions as pure intimidation and an infringement of teachers’ rights and that they had no powers to force members to subscribe to any union.

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He said that the teachers had resolved to ditch the unions because they had failed them. 

He said that the unions had enlisted some members without their consent and as such they could leave of their own will. He said that even those who had applied to join a particular union had a legal right to leave if they feel neglected.

Mr. Bwembya pointed out that the letter was meaningless and would not stop the movement from continuing on its nationwide campaign for massive resignation of teachers from the unions. He said that the movement was aware that the unions were in panic mode and had decided to merge without consulting the membership and that such a move was not in good faith and will not make the teachers reverse their decision to ditch the unions.

Mr. Bwembya accused the unions of neglecting the teachers and that the teachers were not being consulted and informed of the operations of the unions. 

He alleged that the teachers do not even know how much the union office bearers were being paid.

He said that the unions were not transparent and had continued to neglect the teachers’ plight and as such the teachers had resolved to relinquish their membership.

Meanwhile, some unions have distanced themselves from the alleged letter.  ZANUT General Secretary, Newman Bubala said that he had just heard of the development and his union had no input in the said letter. 

He said that he was only told that PROTUZ General Secretary, Kangwa Mutengawas the author of the said letter. NUPPEZ National Secretary, Nelson Mwale refused to comment.

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