Residents of Ngwezi ward, a farming community in Katombora Constituency in the Kazungula district, have appealed to the government to provide basic amenities to improve their wellbeing.

The residents particularly complained about the absence of a community health facility which had left them with limited options in health care, as they were forced to travel to nearby places such as Makunka to access healthcare.

They appealed to the authorities to help construct a health facility that would facilitate effective healthcare delivery in the community.
This came to light during a public meeting at the weekend.

“We face a lot of challenges when it comes to issues related to health. Our people in need of urgent health services are compelled to travel to nearby communities to receive medical attention,” they said.

The residents further lamented the high rate of insecurity in the community, stressing that the situation was as a result of the absence of a police station in the community.

They said that insecurity had been on the rise in the community and the situation needed a swift intervention.

“To maintain sanity in this community, we appeal to the authorities to help us establish a police here that would put people on their toes and to an extent clamp down on some of these ill behaviour among the youth,” they said.

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