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PF should continue offering checks and balances

PF should continue offering checks and balances

Dear Editor,

THE Patriotic Front (PF), the major opposition political party in the country, is offering credible checks and balances to the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) through parliamentary debates.

This is what democracy entails. As such, I implore the Patriotic Front to continue offering credible checks and balances.

It is a known fact that the UPND won the August 12 general election on the premise of providing free education from Grade one to tertiary level, creation of job opportunities particularly for the youth, revamping of the national economy, halting of cadres from operating the bus stations and the markets and bringing down the exchange rate of the Kwacha against the dollar and other major convertible currencies, among other things.

It is clear then that people have great expectations from the UPND administration to deliver on campaign promises prior to the August general election.

What is clear is that making the campaign promises is one thing and fulfilling them is another. The UPND campaign promises look good on paper but, the major issue is how these campaign promises will be actualised.

The most unfortunate part is that people seem to slowly but surely losing confidence in the new dawn administration notable on the issue of free education.

President Hakainde Hichilema was mute on the promise of free education during his inauguration ceremony let alone during his maiden speech to parliament.

I hope people are not misconstruing the UPND’s campaign promises as a ploy for the party to win the August general election. The way UPND saw things when in opposition is different from the way the party looks at things as it is now in government.

Let me not bring out the issue of easier said than done. This is a topic for another day.

One thing for a fact is that Zambia is bigger than any political party. If this is not enough, national leadership changes hands when the right time comes and when people decide during the general election.

However, it is true to mention here that the ruling party and the opposition political parties are the stake holders in the governance system of the country.

In my aforegone conclusion, I wish UPND all the best as it has embarked on serving the nation by fulfilling the campaign promises. On the other hand, I implore the Patriotic Front and other opposition political parties to continue offering the checks and balances.



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