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THE Patriotic Front (PF) is not shaken by the UPND asset recovery programme and the sooner government does it, the better so that they stop branding all members of the party as thieves, says Vice President, Given Lubinda.

He has challenged the UPND to quickly announce the assets that have been recovered so that they could end what he described as drama.

“The sooner they do this, the better so that they can end this drama because this is just becoming drama. If there are members of the PF who they know to be thieves, let them pursue those people instead of labeling the whole organisation as consisting of thieves because it cannot be true  that everybody in  PF is a thief,” he said.

Mr. Lubinda maintained that the party is not shaken and wouldn’t be, provided the government conducts the asset recovery programme in a legal manner.

Meanwhile, Mr Lubinda said the PF regime under president Edgar Lungu borrowed for production not consumption.

He scoffed at what he described as President Hakainde Hichilema´s desperate attempt to mask his inertia on economic development by blaming the former ruling party on how much it borrowed to develop Zambia.

Reacting to a statement the government issued to Bloomberg regarding the extent of the Zambian debt on 21st October which he said needed clarification to the international world and the locals too, Mr. Lubinda said that the statement issued by Mr. Hichilema´s government provided nothing new about the debt stock that stands at about US$13 billion and yet the Hichilema government made it appear as if the debt was reckless.

“Mr. Hichilema as a President of Zambia needs to be reminded yet again that the debt or the money we borrowed went into good use and MrHichilema must be grateful about it and not be glib, as the investment of the debt gives him a head start,” said Mr. Lubinda.

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