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Assaulted councillor complains of death threats

Assaulted councillor complains of death threats
FORMER Monze Urban Councillor Buumba Pandwe has continued receiving death threats from suspected UPND cadres who last week attacked him and left him injured.
Mr Pandwe in an interview said that senior UPND officials who had attacked him at Tooters were even boasting that they were untouchable and nothing could be done to them.
He said he was living in fear because the culprits were still at large and that they could attack him again if no action was taken against them.
Mr Pandwe, who was Monze Councillor, but defected to the PF prior to the elections, said that he reported the matter to the police and a docket was opened but that the culprits were still roaming freely.
He said it was shocking that the culprits also went to the hospital where they forged medical reports when they were the aggressors.
“Can you imagine that they also went to the hospital and got a medical report when they were the ones that attacked me,” he said.
Mr Pandwe was allegedly attacked by six ruling party cadres led by UPND security wing, Kelvin Cornhill who insulted and called him stupid for defecting to the PF.

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