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THE bootlicking syndrome must stop in Zambian politics so that leaders are told correct information of what is prevailing on the ground for them to make informed decisions that will yield positive results, Southern African Centre For Constructive Resolution (SACCORD) has said.

SACCORD Executive Director Bornface Cheembe warned that sugar-coated information aimed at appeasing leaders is deadly as it leads to devastating outcomes because it gives a false sense of security.

He told said in an interview that political party members have the responsibility to ensure that they give correct information to leaders, especially those in government where development is concerned. Mr. Cheembe said it is cardinal that in a democracy, the right information is channeled so that whatever decisions are made for the well-being of the nation is premised on correct information. “Democracy becomes very difficult to function on the basis of misinformation and sugar-coated data.

Political parties and their followers have a responsibility to inform the leadership appropriately in terms of what is pertaining on the ground,” he said. He urged political parties to ensure that whatever political conduct of a democratic nature they engage in, is premised on facts and most critically on what the people at that particular time desire. Mr. Cheembe feels that once political parties avoid sugar-coated information to appease their leaders, they would be able to respond to the wishes and needs of the people correctly.

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