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congratulations to Pastor Kangwa Chileshe

congratulations to Pastor Kangwa Chileshe

Dear editor,

I WOULD like to congratulate a fellow artist and politician; friend, pastor and devoted youth advocate Pastor Kangwa Chileshe, who has been the UPND chairperson for arts and culture for some time now.

Our paths first crossed with Pastor Chileshe when we met at college at ZAMIM Trust in 1997. Barbra and I would sing while he rapped during our break or lunch times at school.

People know him as a very famous actor in the country, having played many famous roles like Jason Kabanana and Jaden. But before all that, he was also a rapper. So he is a well rounded artist.

While I later went to the University of Zambia, Pastor Chileshe went to pursue his Bachelors Degree in America (at the University of Texas if my memory serves me right). So yes, he is an educated artist with tertiary education- as the public always wants to know that about artists.

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We worked together in the arts industry, the 2011 youth project under the UN (UNDP) and Electoral Commission of Zambia, became politicians and have always fought for the rights of the youth and artists in our respective positions and career paths.

Pastor Chileshe is a highly accomplished administrator, politician and artist, having also successfully run his own media companies. He is very committed, focused, loyal and hard working, as can be attested by his work in the UPND and other places.

This is a great appointment as the Ministry of Arts has always lacked appointments of accomplished artists who can use their skills and experience to drive the industry. We needed such a person in this ministry for a very very long time.

Sports and Arts, which mainly involve the youth, can be very lucrative careers. This can subsequently help take away many of our youth from the job market, thereby giving the much needed employment to many of our people.

We need people who are professional, experienced and skilled in this sector to help transform it, and make many young people and the nation at large benefit from it.

I feel and know that this appointment is a great appointment and there is no one in the UPND more deserving of this post as they have chosen a person who is both a national executive leader of their party, educated and also an artist. So we look forward to great innovations and creativity in the aforementioned sectors.

I would also like to urge other artists, sportsmen and the youth to support this appointment as we have a person that knows the industry in and out and can help better it for the good of all.

All the best and may the youth, sports and arts/ creative industry be transformed


Artist and Youth Activist,

NDC President.

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