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Manyinga farmers lack of crop diversification worry agronomist

By Jackson Mapapayi

AN agronomist in Manyinga district Emmanuel Nkweto has expressed concern over lack of creativity on diversification among farmers in the area.

Mr Nkweto who is an Agricultural officer in the Ministry of Agriculture in Manyinga has noted with concern that most formers do not consider growing other crops such soya beans which is more profitable but only concentrate on maize and groundnuts.

He disclosed that soya beans has more economic value than maize at the moment, with a 50 kilogram bag selling at about K500 while a 50 kilogram bag of maize is paged at K150 only.
He said farmers should start exploring alternative avenues in terms of crop diversification if they are to see the benefit of farming.

“So, it is high time our farmers considered growing such crops with economic value so that they are able to improve their livelihood,” said Mr Nkweto in an interview.
He also advised farmers to consider farming throughout the year than depending on the rains.
Mr Nkweto, also bemoaned lack of milk production among local livestock farmers despite the district being endowed with over 8000 heads of cattle, arable land, and abundant water sources.
He said dairy farming is profitable and can change the lives of people.
“It is also a source of nutrition which is a very good health benefit,” he said.

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