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THE crack squad created to tackle cybercrime and fake news must seriously be revived to stop misinformation and cyberbullying which has become a cancer, Christian Democratic Party (CDP) president Dan Pule has said.

Dr Pule said the crack squad which consists of ZICTA and other investigative wings had kept social media users in check when it was commissioned about four years ago.

He said in an interview that cybercrime had become a menace in today’s world harming several people in different ways.

Dr Pule said it was sad that fake news had become the order of the day, tarnishing images of individuals and reputable organisations.

He said there was need to nip cybercrime in the bud as it had gotten out of hand.

Dr Pule called on the new government to revive the crack squad which was formed by the previous regime to stop social media abuses.

“Whatever happened to that crack squad which was created by the previous regime? We have to revive it and clamp down on these social media abuses we are witnessing every day,” he said.

Dr Pule said with the enacted Cyber Law, serious operationalisation of the crack squad was inevitable. 

In 2019, the Cyber Crack Squad announced that it had names of individuals abusing cyber space.

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