ZAMBIA should address the challenges that still exist in the electoral process because it is still a shining example within the Africa region that has maintained it’s democratic process, Head of Africa Union (AU) Head of Election Observer Mission Ernest Bai Koroma has said.

Dr. Koroma, who is former President of Sierra Leone, said the country should ensure that it works towards promoting the democratic process because it’s one of the countries in the region admired for its growing democracy.
Speaking on ZNBC Sunday Interview, Dr. Koroma said the nation should aim at having free elections as it has always done since the introduction of multipartism in 1991 .

“There will always be challenges and will not have an election that is 100 percent, I mean even the Americans have their own issues, there will always be challenges here and there,” he said.

Dr. Koroma said the country is admired by many other African countries for not having military intervention in its governance system since the introduction of multipartism.

He called for the quick implementation of the Political Parties Act and positive engagement with all political players.
Dr. Koroma also urged the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to engage all political players in the entire electoral process to gain the trust of all political players.

“Open up and let there be transparency, there is no secrecy about running the elections, the things that have to do with the security of the process should be implemented,” he said.

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