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By Makokwa Clara Muyendekwa

ABOUT  10 primary schools in Kalomo have so far had some roofs blown off, Kalomo District Commissioner, Joshua Sikaduli,  has disclosed

Mr  Sikaduli said this is due to the floods that the area experienced following  heavy rains in the past few days.

He said a report has been made to the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) and have requested for tents to be used as they wait for aid.

“We have asked DMMU to assist us with tents for these schools and for some houses which have been affected by floods,” said Mr Sikaduli.

He also disclosed that more than seven  houses were submerged leaving the affected families in need of assistance.

And Mr Sikaduli said two bridges linking Kalomo District to Itezhi-Itezhi have been washed away and will affect the movement of people in the area.

He explained that his office will engage in sensitizing the community members on the need to vacate river banks.

Mr Sikaduli anticipates that people living along the banks of the rivers are at more risk of having their homes submerged should dams be damaged.

He added that an assessment of all the dams in the area is yet to be conducted in order to ascertain the status they are in as the area is likely to experience more rains.

Recently, government through a partnership with Afri-seed company donated 10,000 metric tonnes of maize seed and 10,000 metric tonnes of cowpeas for sarmers who lost crops in the Chillala village of Dundumwezi area to replant.

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