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Defence pledges to prevent deaths in flooded areas


STRATEGIES will be put in place to avoid loss of lives due to floods, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Defence Norman Chipakupaku has said.

Mr Chipakupaku said many areas that had been affected by floods placing people’s lives in danger.

He added that the ministry would have to find ways of helping those who have lost crops and see how they will survive up to the next season.

This comes after Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) Southern Region Coordinator Esnart Makwakwa reported that the area had lost some lives through floods.

She said among them was an old woman who died a day ago after her house collapsed on her as it was flooded.

Ms Makwakwa said over 250 households had been affected by floods in Choma central and had lost their food but that some had been aided by the DMMU.

She also reported that more than 110 households have been affected in Namwala upland area and had received food with tents.

Ms Makwakwa added that more households were expected to be affected as the water levels in Namwala keep rising.

“There is also urgent need to take medical supplies to the flood victims who are in the tents because we have already received reports of some people being unwell,” said Ms Makwakwa.

She also reported that there is a likelihood of having a shortage of tents for victims as the numbers of affected people were rising.

Meanwhile, the Road Development Agency reported that some roads have been cut off due to the floods that have affected the province.

Regional Coordinator Emmanuel Kanguma name Monze-Niko and Monze’s St Mary’s roads as some of them that have been cut.

He explained that the Zambia National Service is already on the ground working on the Monze-Niko Road.

They were speaking in Choma when Mr  Chipakupaku accompanied by Zambia Air Force Commander Lieutenan- General Colin Barry paid a courtesy call on Southern Province Permanent Secretary Dr Namani Moonze.

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