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THE PF should not only criticise but instead endeavor to offer solutions to the many challenges the country is faced with, Chief Cooma of the Tonga has advised.

The traditional leader said having just exited government,

the PF has a lot of experienced people in governance issues and therefore they are the right people to offer valuable ad- vice to the new comers in the UPND government on how the country can move forward.

He said Zambian politicians should emulate their Kenyan counterparts who despite po- litical differences always come

together to propel develop- ment for the benefit of the country.

Chief Cooma said those crit- icising without offering possi- ble solutions are not valuable to any discussion concerning national, social and economic development.

He said the negative criti- cism the country is witnessing

is detrimental to the spirit of working together for the ben- efit of all the citizens regard- less of one’s political belief or affiliation. The traditional leader also said the people in PF should remember that neg- ative criticism is not only bad for the country but has poten- tial to slow down national de- velopment and peace building

among political players. “Those criticizing without offering any possible solution should remember that they are not adding any value to the developmental agenda of this country because there is neg- ativity only which cannot help Zambia to achieve its goals of economic emancipation,” he said.

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