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‘Toll fees must benefit road users’

...Chongwe NGO urges government


TOLL fees are used to promptly work on roads es- pecially those around and along toll plazas and govern- ment must therefore not wait for a calamity for it to act, Beacon of Sharing Centre has said.

In an interview, Beacon of Sharing Centre (BOSC) pres- ident, Oscar Kaleya, observed that Toll Fees being collected at the Chongwe toll plaza were not benefitting the motorists who were making their statu- tory contributions.

He made the observation after a social football club in Chongwe came forward to mend more than five potholes along the Great East road lead- ing to Chongwe over the week- end.

He said that toll fees were meant to maintain roads, but he wondered why the road between Kenneth Kaunda

International Airport and Chongwe town was in such a deplorable state.

Mr Kaleya said the govern- ment was not attaching impor- tance to the objectives of col- lecting the funds as most roads with toll plazas were not being maintained as promised.

He implored the govern- ment to show its citizens that it was responsible enough to honour its obligations.

According to Mr. Kaleya, the stretch has been experiencing accidents which could be at- tributed to the many potholes on the road.

Government, he said, must just be interested in revenue collection, but service provi- sion to the citizens.

And Chongwe Madalaz Football Club chairman, Abel Tonga disclosed that the club was prompted to mend the potholes because of the num- ber of accidents that are re- corded along the route.

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