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BOWMAN Chilosha Lusambo, Kabushi Member of Parliament, is always seeking centre stage. He often gets the centre stage but for wrong reasons. Let me cite just one incident to remind his faithful face book followers and supporters.

When the MMD, the party he faithfully served as cadre[1]in-chief, lost power to PF in 2011. Mr Lusambo launched the parallel structure within MMD Youth Wing called “MMD Die-Hard”. The MMD Die-Hard had a brand of wearing blue overalls and security boots.

Hon Lusambo is credited for the innovation of wearing branded overalls as party regalia and this has now spread to other parties such as the new Pan-Africanist, Leadership Movement. The main purpose of the MMD Die-hard was to defend the MMD even at the cost martyrdom. The philosophy was similar to Hamas in Gaza, but different in strategy.

One day, Mr Lusambo as chief of the Die-hard wing, dared the PF by visiting city market in his his Die-hard regalia. A group of heavily built PF cadres ‘lifted’ him in full view of the state police and briefly detained him at the PF office for ‘trespassing’. Mr Lusambo was made to recant all his bad mouthing against the PF and to confess the superiority of PF.

He was further instructed never to commit any trespass within the PF strongholds in Lusaka. It was a public humiliation but a missed opportunity for leader seeking martyrdom for cause of his party. After that incident, Mr Lusambo was out of public view and resurfaced in the PF under the leadership of Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

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In the PF, the once chief of the MMD Die-Hard had evolved into a member of parliament, minister and with state resources and opportunities tenderneurship at his disposal, he was finally a ‘Bulldozer’. Let us keep watching as now he accounts to Anti-Corruption Commission for how he became a ‘Bulldozer’. M.C

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