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Looking down to earth from the space station: what a uniquely lovely creation

Dear Editor,

MY sermon this morning is on our stewardship of mother Earth.

I want to remind you once again that this creation called Earth, on which we live, is some lovely uniquely blueish spherical object out there in the universe, as you can see for yourself from this panoramic view from the Space Station.

Sadly, we the human creatures, are busy destroying it every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year that passes. And foolishly so, we are busy destroying it consciously.

Mind you, we are not the only creatures living on this planet called Earth. There are billions and billions of other creatures that also consider this planet as their home. Therefore, they too have every right to sustained existence on this planet.

Having said that, it is utterly foolish for our kind to continue conciously destroying this lovely planet to the detriment and peril of other species. 

Especially that the other species have nothing to do with our irresponsible acts exacerbating the destruction of the planet, particularly climate change.

I implore you today to take a reflective view of this panoramic picture of planet Earth: reflect deeply on your irresponsible mindset. 

I urge you to start harnessing nature. Reflect on your carbon footprint and be a responsible steward of mother Earth. 

Go Green. Plant trees. For, it is from the greens that the uniquely blue colour you see in this picture is produced.



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