...to stop squabbles and emulate Sata

PATRIOTIC Front members should be wary of the enemies lurking to kill the party and avoid the temptation of engaging in squabbles when all energies should be directed at rebranding and saving the organisation, PF national chairperson, Davies Chama has warned.

Mr Chama has cautioned that it was wrong for senior members to wash dirty linen in the public because it will dent the its image.

Mr Chama said members needed to emulate the party’s founding father, Mr Michael Chilufya Sata, who despite being insulted and at times even threatened to be killed still embraced the aggressors.

“Look at Mr Sata. That man had a big heart because he even embraced people who despised him at first and called him all sorts of names,” he said.

He said now was the time for the party to concentrate on rebuilding rather than engaging in battles in the public eye which was detrimental to the growth of the party.

“I want to appeal to our members to have a forgiving heart and work with people that even despised you in the past rather than keep grudges,” he said.

Mr Chama said the recent happenings were an indication that people had not forgiven each other which would be difficult for the party to even rebrand.

He said differences were normal but that some people had their names smeared with dirt but it was important for them to find it in their hearts to forgive each other.

Mr Chama said the idea of taking fights to the public would have negative implications in the future and that it was necessary to ensure that they found other avenues of sorting out such issues.

He however said he was confident that despite some differences, the party was still intact and stood a chance of bouncing back in 2026.

Mr Chama said that he was aware that people had different perceptions about life but that unity was what was needed to ensure that the PF bounced back.

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