I have respect for elders

Dear Editor,

I am writing this to inform you all that there is a deliberate ploy to discredit my name and personality as a result of my defence towards attacks from elderly people.

I have respect for elderly people and take no pride in insults, but I was extremely provoked by my fellow Parliamentarian and I responded back to an extent that I proposed a physical fight with him because insults are not part of my culture and that of my upbringing.

To those that I injured through my response forgive me and know that I was provoked without a reason.

To make matters worse, I don’t know why he insulted me in the first place but the impression created is that I am on the wrong, but now I am learning that in fact it was planned so that I respond and get discredited in the eyes of the general public through certain media houses.  

I have tried to show each and every one that is closer to me how the conversation started and really it is an agenda that those who have access to funding some media houses have successfully achieved.  

I am not going to accept any interviews with some media houses and they should never call me because their intentions have now been known. 

I may be condemned now for my reaction it is fine, but next time I am insulted by an adult for no reason I hope you will not again condemn me because it is now a culture to condemn the victim.

In conclusion to avoid being injured and being misunderstood I will not be answering strange numbers or blocking anyone who is on my Facebook Page with intent of provocation. 

I accept positive criticism but provocative ones, I will be blocking them.


Lumezi Independent 

Member of Parliament.

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