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3 jailed for stealing 323 goats


Three men of 15-Miles in Chisamba have been sentenced to 12 months imprisonment each after they were convicted for stock theft.

The trio admitted before Lusaka magistrate Nthandose Chabala that they stole 323 goats belonging to 11 different persons between October and December last year.

This is a matter in which, Oswell Mukombwe, 20, Kapela Nchimunya, 20, and Bryson Haakeya, 21, pleaded guilty to the charge of stock theft

In the first count, it was alleged that in October last year, Munkombwe and others stole 32 goats worth K45, 000 belonging to Ngoma Mazuzyo.

In the second count, it is alleged that on October 5 last year, the trio stole 27 goats valued at K26, 000 belonging to Fastani Banda.

It is alleged in the third count that on November 3 they stole 19 goats valued at K16, 000 belonging to Chawa Sekwe.

In count four, it is alleged that on November 14 last year, the trio stole 19 goats valued at K20, 000 belonging to Chrispin Chinyemba.

In the rest of the counts, the accused persons stole goats from seven different people.

The accused asked for leniency having readily pleaded guilty to the charges.

In passing sentence, the magistrate imposed a 12-month jail term on each of the counts to run concurrently from the date of arrest.


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