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Dear Editor,

I AM always amazed at the conduct of our politics and how many leaders fail to recognisethe many issues and challenges that pre-ocupy and grapple our people.

I also continue to get surprised that, many times, the leadership in government or in opposition devote extended time to petty issues, to more political than developmental issues.

I saw a statement made by Members of Parliament of the Patriotic Front read by the former Minister of Home Affairs and Parliamentary Opposition Whip, Mr Stephen Kampyongo.

The statement was rendering support to the position of the central committee and the emphasis on the need to hold the party conference in June 2022.

But the purpose and motive of the statement appears to have been to devote attention to viciously attack aspirants and candidates to the leadership of the party.

Mr Kampyongo said that the MPs would not allow “wolves, chancers and opportunists” to take the leadership of the party.

This name calling has sadly become the currency to conduct politics in Zambia.

PF was partly destroyed by those members issuing voice notes and videos carrying insults against others and leaders of the party.

This indiscipline fuelled internal divisions and fractured the unity of party. The bullies left many victims in their wake.

Recently, the country was subjected to an intensive debate about a statement made by President Hakainde Hichilema who called certain people “a clique of thieves and hegemonists.”

I wish that our leaders will preoccupy themselves with discussions and debates that build both their political parties and our nation.

I pray that we devote attention to policies and solutions that will help resolve poverty, youth unemployment, diseases, high cost of living, our national debt, the rise in substance abuse by our young people and the crime levels that are terrorizing our people in urban areas.

Bane na tuchinje!


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