KK thanks HH for health care treatment

I AM recovering from my illness, I appreciate President Hakainde Hichilema for ensuring that I was accorded good health care, former Finance Minister Katele Kalumba has said.

Dr Katele said Mr Hichilema made necessary arrangements to ensure that he was flown from Nchelenge to Lusaka to receive the needed medical attention.

The former minister disclosed that he has been receiving medical attention at Maina Soko Hospital.

In an interview, he said health workers at Maina Soko worked tirelessly to ensure that his life was saved.

Dr Kalumba said the love showed by Mr Hichilema is a reflection of true leadership.

“I am not in a position of talking about my health or illness in public because it is a personal matter.

But it is important that I appreciate President Hichilema for what he has done to save my life.

“I was flown from my home village to Lusaka to receive medical attention. This I greatly appreciate Mr President,” he said.

Dr. Kalumba, who aside from his political position, is also a traditional leader as Sub-Chief Natende Walushiba of the Bwile people of Luapula Province and spokesperson of the Bwile Royal establishment.

He has been vocal on the loss of 32 villages of the Bwile in Zambia to the Congo DR under the ongoing border demarcation and has consistently called on President Hichilema to reclaim back the lost Zambian territory.


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