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Strange disease at Lunte Technical School under investigation.

There is a strange disease which has hit us at Lunte Technical School in Lunte District of Northern Province, which is currently under investigation, Member of Parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya has said.

Mr Kafwaya said the condition appears to be attacking the nervous system causing patients to lose their firmness.

He said samples had been drawn from the affected children and dispatched to Lusaka for diagnostic purposes.

“We remain hopeful in our health care system that a quick diagnosis will enable a rapid effective management of the cases. Meanwhile the local health team will continue to assess the school environment in a bid to understand what could be the cause for this strange disease,” he said.

Mr Kafwaya said this was a phenomenon and continued to pray for the healing grace of God Almighty to abound in order for our children to receive not only quick but complete recovery from the mercy seat.

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