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Lubinda demands apology,  K1m from UPND officials

UPND Kamwala Ward Five councillor, Mainda Simataa and his fellow party member, Matomola Limwanya  have been given a four day  ultimatum to apologise and pay PF vice president Given Lubinda K1,000,000, compensation for labeling him corrupt.

In a demand letter dated February 21, 2021, Mr Lubinda through his lawyers from Kaunda Kaunda Legal Practitioners, asked Mr Simaata and Limwanya to comply within four days or be dragged to the High Court for libel.

This was after Mr Simataa reported Mr Lubinda to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for allegedly being in possession of a play park in Lusaka’s Kamwala Township which he said was reasonably believed to be from proceeds of crimes.

Mr Lubinda who denied the corruption allegation said he never manipulated Lusaka City Council to grant him lease for the land.

Mr Lubinda said the accusations were injurious and have damaged his reputation in society.

He said his reputation has been dented in society as he has been portrayed as a murderer and corrupt person.

 “We have been referred to act for Hon. Given Lubinda in relation to the special interview you had on Muvi Television on January 4, 2022.The facts of this interview are well known to yourselves. Our client however has informed us that during the said interview you maliciously attacked our client’s reputation and accused him of having committed crimes despite the interviewer advising yourselves to refrain from maligning our client’’.

“We are informed that both of you accused our client by his association to the Patriotic Front party of having killed Honourable Levy Mkandawire, the immediate past Member of Parliament for Kabwata Constituency,” part of the letter reads.

Mr. Simataa alleged that the property which Mr. Lubinda is using as Given Lubinda foundation was supposed to be used for the community.

He wonders how Mr Lubinda acquired a 13 year lease title on a property that was earmarked to be used for the benefit of the community.

Mr. Simataa says it is shocking that the council went ahead to give Mr. Lubinda the piece of land which is supposed to be a play park despite the community writing a petition through a former councillor which was overruled.

He notes that with the increased Constituency Development Fund (CDF), the community has earmarked the property to be turned into a skills development centre so that youths can acquire skills.

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