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Investigative wings turning into Taskforce incarnate – Musoma

THE Joint investigative wings are slowly becoming incarnates of the disbanded taskforce on corruption which was set up in the Mwanawasa era but yielded no positive results, Zambia Republican Party President Wright Musoma has said.

Mr Musoma said it was worrying that the same vindictive traits of the Mwanawasa Task on Corruption were manifesting in the joint investigative wings.

The Mwanawasa administration had set up the Task Force on Corruption targeting   his predecessor Dr Fredrick Chiluba.

He said that it was worrying that these institutions were busy trying to excite the nation by searching people suspected to have stolen public funds but that they had not found anything.

“It’s worrying that these institutions are slowly becoming like the Taskforce that wasted a lot of money but did not yield any serious results but just globetrotting and spending tax payers’ money,” he said.

Mr Musoma also said it was evident that these institutions were getting orders from State House and that the raids were premeditated.

He said that the motive was just to show Zambians that they were working but in actual sense they do not even have evidence about anything.

Mr Musoma challenged the joint team to be proactive and not just be alarmists who could not give evidence to back the  corruption claims.

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