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NGO backs Lower Zambezi mining


Opposing everything the government is implementing is not beneficial to the country, the Patriotic Front (PF) has been advised.

Social, Economical and Environmental Survival Projects (SEES-Projects), Executive Director, Reverend Moses Lungu  said the country is in need of resources for economic development and has no other options but to allow the mine in the Lower Zambezi to go ahead as long as it adhered to strict measures so as not to disturb the ecosystem in the   national park. 

Rve Lungu said the country should move forward and put behind whatever was said in the past by whoever if the country is to develop.

He said the country should harness all it’s natural resources for the benefit of the people adding that Zambia cannot continue to be subjected to borrowing when it’s rich in minerals. 

Rev Lungu said the PF should do their politics differently considering that they have once been in power and understand how government operates.  

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“PF as an opposition party is still an important stakeholder in the governance of the country, and therefore one would expect the former party to use its time in opposition correctly for the benefit of the country as opposed to delaying development,” he said.

He said by opposing everything, the PF is playing dangerous politics that are not beneficial to the development of the country.

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