The Patriotic Front has suspended Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa from the central committee after he issued disparaging remarks against PF aspiring presidential candidates.

PF acting president Given Lubinda has announced that the central committee met and Mr Sampa was given an opportunity to defend himself and it was decided that he be suspended for six weeks.

He said the sentiments made by Mr Sampa, who is the former ruling party presidential candidate were undesirable especially that he was a senior member of the party.

He said it was unfortunate that Mr Sampa could make such scathing sentiments against his fellow presidential contenders.

“The party has decided to suspend Mr Sampa because he is a senior person who is a member of the central committee and as a deterrent we want to take this action so that people do not make the same mistake,” Mr Lubinda said.

Meanwhile, Mr Lubinda has said the committee decided to stop the campaigns for all the people that were eyeing the PF presidency.

He said the party needed to put in place measures before the candidates could resume with their campaigns.


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