ZNS encourages youths to form cooperatives


YOUTH cooperatives are expected to be sales agents for the Eagles brand which will be produced by the Zambian National Service (ZNS), Defence minister Ambrose Lufuma has said.

Mr Lufuma said cooperatives would work as sales agents for the Eagles brand for the newly opened milling plants but they were still under formation because of the legal aspect attached to the registration of the groups.

Mr Lufuma in an interview said that the formation of the cooperatives was a process and would take a bit of time because there were a lot of aspects attached to it.

He said that the cooperatives had not been formed yet because there was a need to register through the Registrar of Societies and complete other legal formalities before they could begin to operate.

ZNS pledged to work with youth cooperatives by engaging them as sales agents for the Eagles brand newly opened milling plants in Monze and Mpika as a way of empowering the local people.

Mr Lufuma said   once the cooperatives were formed they will be given the top up from the difference between their selling price and the price they got the products from the milling plants.

He said that the essence of this initiative was that the youth could raise money to invest in other projects.

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