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Dear Editor,

In life one has to be ready:

Make the right decision even if it hurts you.

Make the right decision because it will build you

Make the right decision because it is right.  In short  let God be your light and decision maker.

 I had to make a tough decision regarding my political direction.

Much as I may feel hurt that I was not adopted, I have to remain loyal to my President and my party and look at the interests of the party.

Loyalty defines a man, Iam  loyal to my President and will remain so.

I will ask all my supporters to support our President ECL and ensure he gets 100 percent  votes in Kanyama constituency.

I will continue mobilising for the party because Kanyama surely deserves better. Congratulations to all those adopted and go get the seats for the party and our President.

For those trying to find a meaning to life, go to church, for you will be in the right place.  In the sight of God.

Life is full of surprises so be prepared and let loyalty define.

Than you


Former Kanyama 2021 MP aspirant

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