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‘‘There is evidence of the state’s negotiations with my client former Konkola Copper Mine (KCM) provisional liquidator Milingo Lungu,’’ renowned Lusaka lawyer Sakwiba Sikota  has said.

Mr Sikota said the matter cannot be taken before court without evidence.

In an exclusive interview, he said there is proper evidence which will be provided before the court.

Mr Sikota said the evidence will be provided so that the public can know the truth.

He said the evidence will not be made available to the public through the media but before the court.

Mr Lungu who stepped down as liquidator of KCM recently asked the Constitutional Court to prevent his arrest and prosecution, claiming he reached a deal for immunity having met the Attorney General, Solicitor General, Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) among other senior government officials.

“We cannot go to court if there is no evidence, we have done that because there is enough evidence to provide in court.

But we cannot start discussing the content of  evidence right now.

“This evidence will be provided before the court and all the contents will be seen,” he said.

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