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Delayed recruitment exercise irks unemployed doctors


THE continued extension of the recruitment exercise by the Ministry of Health is not impressive and this could give rise to illegal activities, unemployed doctors have said.

The unemployed doctors however said they were not surprised seeing the ministry persistently extend the time to complete the recruitment process.

They said this was based on the fact that there was no precise plan from the onset on how the process would be conducted.

They urged the government to factor in time, psychological well-being of applicants and transparency.

Unemployed Doctors Representative, Wallace Ndumba, said the more the process was prolonged, the higher the chances of fraud activities in the exercise taking place.

“I must therefore mention that the pace at which the recruitment exercise is moving is not impressive and there has been several grey areas in the selection guidelines which potentially compromise the credibility of the outcome of this process.

“This recruitment exercise would have been less cumbersome and more organized if it was done separately for trained health professionals and support staff,” Mr Ndumba said.

He said the excuse being given by the ministry about the overwhelming application response would have been avoided if the recruitment was not combined.

Mr Ndumba said it should not be a surprise to see continued extensions because the circumstance was deliberate and artificial which he said could have been avoided.

He urged the ministry to expedite the process and avoid causing unnecessary anxiety to candidates waiting for employment.

He said psychological distress is a significant player in mental health and the ministry should demonstrate a sense of concern.


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