Introducing Mr. Faga: set for ‘ Best Life’

Patrick Mpundu Chansa aka Mr Faga, born in Mufurila is a Zambian rapper based in Cape Town, South Africa.

His love for music started at the age of 8 and advanced till he ventured into it professionally.

He now does his music in Bemba, Nyanja, Swahili and English.

Since he started his professional music career, he has collaborated with Gaz Fabilouss, a Congolese Rapper on their song titled ‘Best_Life’.

Gaz Fabilouss is one of the most happening Hip hop artiste in the Central Africa and Mr. Faga is happy to have worked with him.

Mr Faga has also collaborated with one of the most successful Zambian Hip Hop stars, Chef 187 on their song titled ‘AIKONA’ loosely translated as ‘don’t try this at home’.

Mr. Faga plans is to introduce his home language of Nyanja to the world of Hip Hop and to collaborate with Pan African artistes; as well as planning to open his own record label, “The Galaxy Gang”. With this, he hopes to conquer the music world spreading his ‘ Best Life’ song plus more.

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