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No PF money was stolen – Nakacinda

…says its cheap propaganda by those politically inebriated and chocking by PF’s unity, strength, growing popularity


T is cheap propaganda and political inebriation for the UPND and its nihilistic media concoct lies that the money meant for the Patriotic Front (PF) general conference has been stolen by its party leadership, Raphael Nakacinda has said.

Mr Nakacinda has said the former ruling party is fully aware the UPND has colonized some members of the PF and have turned them into moles in an attempt to cause intra-party consternation in the former ruling party before, during and after the general conference. 

Mr Nakacinda, the Patriotic Front (PF) chairperson for information and publicity says all those peddling a narrative that the money meant for the former ruling party elective general assembly were malicious in their efforts to continue demonizing the party.

Mr Nakacinda said at no time did he ever say that the money that was paid to the PF by its presidential candidate was stolen and that the narrative being peddled to taint the image of the PF was not going to succeed.

He told the Daily Nation that the PF was awake to the fact that it some rouge online publications in partnership with some established media houses had embarked on a malicious campaign to scandalize the leadership of the PF but stated that the former ruling party was not going to be detracted from its set agenda of reclaiming the governance of the country.

Mr Nakacinda said it was disheartening that journalism had been converted into rumour mongering on social media and that some established media houses were dancing along with lies and malice without taking the simple efforts of what they were broadcasting or publishing.

“The UPND shall not rest in demonizing the PF. The UPND is so politically inebriated that they are ever haunted by the unity and strength of the PF and that is why they have resorted to cheap propaganda. At no time did I ever said money meant for the PF elective convention was stolen. The full video is there…there has never been such money. It is in the figment of their mind. We are however surprised that some established media houses have been colonized by some rogue online publication and are peddling rumours and malice without taking the simpletst effort of verifying what they broadcast or publish,” Mr Nakacinda said.

He claimed that the UPND had embarked of a propaganda crusade against the PF and had been manipulating the former ruling party’s statements so that its leadership could be cast into bad light with citizens.

Mr Nakacinda said the PF was aware that some UPND leaders had been flirting with some PF weak souls and had hatched a scheme to discredit the process leading to elective convention sometime this year.

“But I can tell you that we are five steps ahead of the UPND. We shall ensure that the PF remains united and when we hold our convention, we shall have one that shall produce for us a legitimate leadership,” Mr Nakacinda said.


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