MBALENHLE Manana, the director of Top Models Eswatini and a well-known name in local fashion, is anticipated to visit Zambia as one of the guests invited to Lusaka Fashion Weekend, which will celebrate the 76th anniversary of India’s Independence next month.

Manana, one of the guests, is bringing Nondumiso Msibi, one of her models, and Tema, a designer, who will present their collections at Lusaka Fashion Weekend scheduled for August 13, 2023, at the Neelkanth Sarovar Premiere, to commemorate India’s Independence through Indian fashion by Indian and Zambian designers.

Manana was also successful in bringing designers and models from the southern region to her nation this month as part of Eswatini International Fashion Week 2023, which was organized by Eswatini Biggest Braai and in which Zambia participated for the first time with current Miss Independence and model Ta’shery Nkhoma.

Eswatini Fashion Guru, a recipient of the Global Women Award and one of the Top 50 Most Industrial Women in Africa, has promoted Eswatini by hosting pageants, participating in competitions on international stages, organizing fashion shows at home, and traveling the world while bringing some of her country’s top models with her.

The agency has decided to do this in order to publicize its initiatives and fly the Eswatini Flag proudly in Zambia. Manana, who was also a winner of the Icon Awards in Nigeria, stated that she will be making her first trip to Zambia in this capacity and that it will be best for her nation to do so with the help of a modeling agency from the Eswatini National Arts and Culture.

“I have always wanted to visit Zambia to add to my profile, so getting the chance to do so is a privilege for me to learn more about other nations and how they host their fashion, as well as to keep up with trends and avoid missing out on them, and to be a benefit to Eswatini Fashion.” Manana said.


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