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Mpali reaches its 1000 episode mark

By Lifestyle Reporter

Since its premiere on Monday 22 October 2018, the gripping telenovela Mpali has drawn audiences, showing the complexity of life in a modern polygamist household.

Zambezi Magic is thrilled to celebrate 1000th episode of this acclaimed telenovela.

“For a show to reach the 1000 episode mark is a momentouse milestone. This means that the quality of storytelling is relatable to our viewers and this makes Zambezi Magic the ultimate home of entertainment,” says Mosibudi Pheeha, Zambezi Magic Channel Head. “Mpali is more than just a show; it mirrors the reality of many African families, redefining the genre and setting a benchmark for authentic storytelling. As we reach this milestone, we celebrate not only the extraordinary talent of the cast and crew but also our cherished viewers who have passionately followed and championed the series from the beginning.”

Mpali dives into the turbulent waters of polygamy through the complex life of patriarch Nguzu and his seven wives. Each character, with their unique quirks and distinct personalities, amplifies the plot and twists their shared matrimonial space.

Starring a vibrant cast led by Monde Mutale as Nguzu and Wanga Zulu as Junza his dignified first wife, Mpali has consistently delivered compelling narratives, riveting performances, and unique insights into the nuances of polygamist households.

At the helm of the family is Nguzu, a prosperous businessman and farmer who holds his expansive family together despite the surprising revelations and unending drama his wives bring to his life. Nguzu’s pride in his power echoes through his demeanour, resonating in the hearts of his wives, who are all bound to him in different yet profound ways.

Throughout its six seasons, Mpali has received numerous accolades recognising its excellence in storytelling and its cast’s exceptional performances. The series won Best Series at the Ngoma Awards in 2019 and 2022, along with the Africa Best Series title at the Zikomo Awards in 2022. It also claimed the prestigious title of ‘Best Original Telenovela’ powered by Moniepoint Nigeria at the #AMVCA9 awards!

Its cast, including Anita Munamonga (Mwiza) and Monde Mutale (Nguzu), have received multiple prestigious actor and actress honours.
Mpali unfolds as a maze of love, jealousy, resilience, ambition, and power, culminating in the awaited 1000th episode, revealing the true strength of these diverse women within the intricate dynamics of their polygamous marriage.
From Nguzu’s tumultuous decisions to Tombi’s (played by Lissy Yambayamba) dishonesty and the manipulative and cunning Lindiwe (played by Samantha Meta Zulu), audiences are in for an exciting viewing experience this season.

Tune into Zambezi Magic (DStv channel 162) every Monday to Friday at 20:30 to follow the unfolding drama, secrets, and scandals in Mpali.


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