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MEET professional medical practitioners, Dr. Mwape Khumalo, Dr. Grace Malinda and Dr. Namakau Mukumbuta, owners of ‘Fashion In Medicine’ or FIM wear limited, a successful customized uniform/clothing manufacturing company that has doubled its sales volume over the past 3 years as the most-sought-after and favourite customized uniform wear plug. Speaking to the Daily Nation Lifestyle, they share their journey of how they stumbled upon the idea to start manufacturing customized Hotel, Restaurant, Medical, School, Industrial, Corporate, Spa and Security wear (uniforms), and how they have been able to thrive in this competitive market.

Asked what drove them to pursue a uniform manufacturing company, Mwape Khumalo, the CEO said, “After doing a detailed research on medical uniforms, we found that most people buy uniforms online from different countries because there is not much production in Zambia and a variety of designs, fitting and colour was not so much on the market. We are currently focused on manufacturing uniform wear and 70% of our producer at the moment is medical uniforms. From the word go, our mission has been to support our customers with their custom requests and always be a step ahead while maintaining the highest level of service because we are firm believers of the ‘ you look good, you feel good’ as we continue to establish lasting relationships with our customers”

When asked what makes their store (FIM) stand out, now that shoppers, today, have more choices than ever, Grace Malinda, their CFO responded, “We have a large selection of uniforms plus our uniforms are highly demanded due to their outstanding features like wear and tear, shrinkage resistance and colour lastness. They are available in various colours, style and are also customised as per the requirements of our buyer. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable as we take pride in our range of products and services. We make apparel, be it small or large scale, design or casual, fast or slow production. We keep it simple and functional. Our priority is that clients enjoy an effective service that is worth. We work to ensure the client’s highest level of satisfaction”

And, Namakau Mukumbuta, their COO, when asked what her favourite part was in running FIM, she responded, “Definitely meeting new customers! Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We value our customers’ opinions and strive to incorporate their suggestions and ideas at each stage. We’re always happy to see new faces drop in who either discovered us through our social media platforms or through a recommendation from a previous client as we have established ourselves as a trendsetting brand of experts in modest uniforms and linen”

With a vision to redefine the narrative of Zambian made uniform wear to fashionable style while providing apparel that exceed customers’ expectations, Mwape, Grace and Namakau, plan to grow FIM brand expand their product compilation which currently consists of a wide range of uniforms such as Hotel, Restaurant, Medical, School, Industrial, Corporate, Spa and Security wear as they continue to cement their brand name in the market.


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