THAT Zambians have never let tribalism become a divisive issue is something they should be proud of and guard jealously.Of course, there could be petty tribal differences once in a while but in the end, common sense has always prevailed.

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It is against this background that we call for sanity between the Lunda and Luvale of Zambezi after the violent clashes during which several people were injured.

Government has since dispatched security officers to Zambezi after the violent conflict.It is also heartening to learn that Local Government and Rural Development Minister Gary Nkombo and 

Home Affairs and Internal Security Minster Jack Mwiimbu were engaging Senior Chief Chinyama of the Luvale and Senior Chief Ishindi of the Lunda to pacify the situation.We note that this issue is historical, which is themore reason that a lasting solution is found for the two tribes to cease the long-standing acrimony.

The latest incident arose over an area in the East Bank of the Zambezi River, where young boys who have come of age and the Makishi emerge from to cross the river in preparation for this weekend’s Likumbi Lya Mize Traditional Ceremony of the Luvale people of Senior Chief Ndungu’s area.

The two tribes share the district and are found on either side of the Zambezi. In reality, they are one people who have lived together since time immemorial.

That they have been neighbours for ages should prompt them to learn to co-exist and appreciate each other’s presence.If anything, what values are the elders teaching to their children – the young boys coming of age – that people across the river are their enemies?

We agree with Chief Chisunka, the House of Chiefs Chairperson who has called for urgent intervention to ensure peace prevails.Chief Chisunka said the disturbing violent clashes unfolding between the Congo and Chipepo communities of Southern Province and the Lunda and Luvale communities of Zambezi was saddening. 

He has called on the Provincial Council of Chiefs and the Department of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs in the affected provinces to convene a meeting urgently.Chief Chisunka said the meeting should be a platform for resolving all outstanding disputes, once and for all.

We do not think there is a bigger problem that cannot be resolved through dialogue and the parties involved should take advantage of the intermediaries to lay their cards on the table and 昀椀nd a peaceful formula.

As Chief Chisunka said, traditional leaders must guide and advise the nation, political parties, andevery group of people on how to coexist in peace asbrothers and sisters.Chief Chisunka said it was important that we urgently work together to attend a peaceful and sustainable resolution to these tribal conflicts, thereby being a positive example for all.

Tribal conflicts can have devastating effects on a country and examples are there to serve as a warning.

“We have only one Zambia, and it is our collective responsibility to safeguard its peacefulness and unity,” said Chief Chisunka.No Zambian can argue with that.



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