Introducing Joosy Beats: Super-Talented, Skillful Music Producer


So far, the year 2023 has been an amazing year as far as music is concerned. Off course all the hit songs and album released from January to now wouldn’t be possible without the effort of producers. The Daily Nation Lifestyle and Entertainment recently took time to interview fast-rising-talented songwriter and skillful music producer with exceptional music production capabilities, Joosy Beats, who without any doubt deserves to sit among the elite-music-producers in this industry.

The young talented producer has been a top notch producer for 4 years now making a number of hit songs for both the upcoming and the already established artists. His ability to give an international touch to music production makes him one of the fastest-rising music producer with multiple hits accredited to his name.

“As a teenager I liked listening to music a lot, and at some point, I realized there was someone behind the scenes who was making those sounds happen,” said Joozy Beats, when asked what made him want to become a music producer.

The young-energetic producer, who has been running the studio for over four (4) years now and has assisted many artists with their recording projects, bringing their vision to fruition and guiding their sound along the way with perfection, said his inspiration to do music production was amplified/inspired by renowned Zambian music producer, Stash.

Joosy Beats, whose real name is Joshua Musonda, he is the proprietor of a fast-rising music studio/label based in Lusaka, precisely at six (6) miles area called Jazzy House Studios, with a certain adeptness to music production.

His excellence-production-works point to why he is becoming a popular and most-sought figure with upcoming and already established artistes in the industry. He produces any requested music. However, it is noticeable that hip pop, Afro music and Zed dunka highly influence his music.

He has produced hits like “Gone To Soon” by JYD Africa, “Ebenezer – Kutali Mwanfumya” by Prince Paul, “Caribbean Queen” by Dhalifa idols and Twakula Tu Chinje” by Dumbwe, to mention but a few. He also has worked with a number of uprising artists talented in Melissa and Princess clc.

“My advise to upcoming artist is to stay focused and determined. Also one has to having a heart to learn and cope up with new sounds since music is an art that keeps changing,” when asked what advise he had for upcoming artists. “Always work hard and take music seriously because good music not only stands the test of time but teaches, builds and encourages people in many ways indefinable.”


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