Gospel Artist, Emmanuel JB – Son Of David, hints two new songs


KNOWN for his soul-soothing music that brings comfort, solace, and reassurance to the listeners, Creative-E-Splash media signed gospel singer, songwriter and minister, Emmanuel JB, who has earned a Kindom password name tagged “Son Of David”, has hinted in an interview to the Daily Nation Lifestyle that works on his soon to be released, ‘Nations’ and ‘I believe’ singles have advanced.

Inspired by renowned gospel recording artist and a lead pastor of the High Praise Centre in Vosloorus, east of Johannesburg in Benjamin Dube, a South African gospel who over the years has released several albums which have reached gold and platinum status in the music rankings and the Destined Kids, a popular child group that touched people’s hearts with melodious tunes, Emmanuel JB, who is under the leadership of Pastor Chris Chibale, of New Life Gospel Version Church, and the only child of his parents who died in the 90s said his love to do music started in his young age.

“I started having this love of music at a young age. I enjoyed listening to the Destined Kids, from Nigeria and I admired to one day be like them. But my biggest inspiration to do music came from Benjamin Dube from South Africa. I desired to sing in his team or to sing with him one day which later in time lead me to join the praise teams. In 2016, I recorded my first song called ‘Takwaba’ by Dj Tino, back in Kafue. I did few more songs with him until when I Joined E-Splash Studios with the renowned multi-gifted-producer, Eliphas, at E-Splash Studios with whom we have done a couple of good music. I can say, apart from my cousin, Adcool, who is a rapper, am the only child who took music serious to a point of recording”

The gospel singer and songwriter said works on his two upcoming songs have advanced. And when asked what message the two songs had to the listeners, Emmanuel JB responded, “The two songs talk about the possibility man born a sinner to becoming righteous as is the plan of God from the beginning of the world through the gospel of Water, Blood and the Spirit, for it shows how man became a sinner and how Christ has exchange His righteous nature with us humans. They carry with them the message of hope, faith, salvation and redemption to the listeners”

Asked what would make Zambia Gospel music reach greater hights, he said, “unremitting spiritual focus, self-discipline, sacrifice and consistency in the study of God’s Word, through holding tenaciously to Christ’s hand as He leads us. With constant commitment, Zambia will have a future Minister of God in the music industry”


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