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Zambia urges developing countries to unite against fossil fuels

BANGWEULU Member of Parliament Anthony Kasandwe has urged developing countries to work together in the global fight against fossil fuels and other challenges relating to climate change to ensure a health, safe and clean environment.

Mr Kasandwe said there was need for solidarity and cooperation among developing countries to effectively tackle the critical issues of climate change which have become a global challenge.

Speaking at a recent Global Parliamentary Inquiry for phasing Out Fossil Fuel taking place in New York, Mr Kasandwe stressed the need for solidarity and cooperation in tackling the critical issues of climate change.

During his speech, Mr Kasandwe also discussed the bold steps that Zambia was taking to address the climate change crisis and also highlighted the country’s commitment to transitioning to a green economy, with a focus on renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure.

“The Ministry of Green Economy in Zambia has been working to implement a number of initiatives aimed at reducing the country’s carbon footprint and promoting sustainable development. These include investments in solar and wind energy, as well as efforts to promote sustainable agriculture and forestry practices,” Mr Kasandwe said.

Mr Kasandwe’s sentiments came at a critical time, as the world continues to grapple with the devastating effects of climate change and his call for global solidarity and action underscores the urgent need for countries to come together and address this pressing issue.


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