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Sampa’s PF saga is brazen corruption – Imboela

…warns all those involved in the attempts to steal, kill the former ruling party and undermine democracy shall be made to account soon…and very soon


EXPELLED Matero Member of Parliament, Miles Sampa and his cohorts involved in the criminal acts of hijacking the Patriotic Front (PF) in order to kill the former ruling party and undermine Zambia’s constitutional democracy shall be charged with corruption and abuse of power when their time to account comes, Saboi Imboela has warned.

And Ms Imboela has also warned that political civil servants who willfully executed illegal instructions to alter the authentic list of office bearers for the PF after hounding out Thandiwe Mhende-Phiri, the former Registrar of Societies shall be arraigned with forgery and uttering false documents as soon as the UPND is out of power.Ms Imboela said it was clear that Mr Sampa was nothing but a UPND project created to kill the former ruling party and in the process undermine Zambia’s constitutional democracy.

She said she was still shocked that the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal security moved with supersonic speed to fire Ms Mhende as Registrar of Societies to facilitate the illegal changes on the list of the office bearers of the PF when it was all clear that such acts were not only illegal but offended the country’s supreme law – the Constitution. “They can continue with their brazen acts of committing illegalities through their project called Miles Sampa whom they have used all the way to attempt to kill the opposition and revert Zambia to a one-party state.

Make no mistake, political power has always been temporal and all those involved the hijacking of the PF through Miles Sampa shall face corruption and abuse of authority and power. Soon and it is only a question of how soon that those involved shall be made to account,” Ms Imboela said.

She said the Sampa purported elective convention, the subsequent speedy change of office bearers at the Registrar of Societies and the changes made in the House by the Speaker of the National Assembly which saw Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Brian Mundubile illegally removed were all documented constitutional illegalities that those involved should be ready to account after the UPND exited power.

“There should be no mistake that those actions were and are still illegal and a brazen act of corruption conducted with impunity on account of some people being in power. But time will come when they will lose power and shall be made to account. I say it again that political power is always temporal and the criminal acts they have committed shall certainly be brought before them,” Ms Imboela said.       


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