Traditional leaders fostering unity

IN a time where Zambia seeks solace from division and tension, the recent actions of our esteemed traditional leaders, the Litunga and Paramount Chief Chitimukulu, stand as beacons of unity and peace.

Emulating their example, Major Kachingwe rightfully calls upon our political leadership to heed the call for harmony and cohesion, transcending the boundaries of tribe and culture.

The unity demonstrated during the Kusefya Pang’wena and the Kuombka ceremonies, devoid of political undertones, speaks volumes about the power of cultural heritage to bind us together as one nation.

It is a testament to the leadership of our traditional rulers, who have shown unwavering commitment to the ethos of One Zambia One Nation.

Major Kachingwe rightly points out that the responsibility to foster peace and unity does not rest solely on the shoulders of our traditional leaders.

It is incumbent upon our political figures, civil society organizations, and all stakeholders to champion the cause of national reconciliation.

President Hakainde Hichilema’s presence at the Kuomboka Ceremony, despite not holding the customary role of guest of honor, symbolizes a leadership grounded in unity and inclusivity.

His actions underscore the importance of setting aside political differences for the greater good of our nation.

Noel Chisebe’s commendation of President Hichilema’s attendance highlights the significance of leadership loyalty and the role it plays in fostering a sense of belonging among all Zambians.

It is a reminder that our leaders must lead by example, demonstrating a commitment to national unity above all else.

As we reflect on the recent ceremonies and the messages they convey, it is imperative that we reject all forms of tribal and ethnic hatred. Zambia’s strength lies in its diversity, and it is only through embracing this diversity that we can truly thrive as a nation.

In the wake of perceived divisions and tensions, let us draw inspiration from the unity exemplified by our traditional leaders and political figures alike.

Let us forge ahead with a renewed determination to build a Zambia where peace, unity, and respect for one another reign supreme.

In the words of Major Kachingwe, “It is now up to the political leadership to take a leaf from our two traditional leaders and build on our peace and unity.” The time for healing and reconciliation is now, and it is a journey that each and every one of us must embark upon together.


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