Budding artist born John Kamweo aka JMK council has yet again released his new single of the year dubbed Munjebe.

Munjebe which is already receiving massive air waves is a song that challenges mother to never For-seeker their children even when the days are rocky, because she never knows what plans God has for that child.

He said many young girls and women of this generation have developed a habit of dumping their children either at an orphanage or at a dumpsite.

The song is a challenge to them to stop the evil vice.

In the song JMK is a asking his mother if she can explained to him why she dumped him and asking further if she can face him after what she did. He further, asked her if she can face him today now that he has succeeded in life after being dumped by her.

JMK says all this could not be possible without the support of Bene ba junction, ben Mwanza, Dominic Mtonga and Gerald chair.


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