Councillor pleads for school repairs

GOVERNMENT and well-wishers should help replace a roof at Katoba Secondary School in Chongwe, Katoba ward councillor, Charles Moyo, has appealed.
He said that the roof was blown off last month during a heavy downpour, affecting one classroom and the deputy head teacher’s office.
Mr Moyo stressed that the administration block needed to be repaired quickly because it was hindering the deputy head to carry out his functions well.
He also said that the roof needed to be repaired now that schools were closed.
The councillor said the roof was completely damaged while other materials were also destroyed and could not be reused.
He observed that the school was struggling with classroom space and that the damage the roof was a blow to the school as it had just worsened the situation.
Mr Moyo also said books which were being kept in the Deputy Head teacher’s office were also destroyed.
“Almost all the books which were kept in the deputy head teacher’s office for safety were soaked and destroyed. This is devastating because the books will be difficult to replace, the school struggling to assemble a library,” he said.
Mr Moyo therefore appealed to Government and well-wishers to assist the institution before lessons resume.


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